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Heart & Hands

Our Promise to Help

The Black Belt of Alabama


​How To Help:

"A Promise To Help" is a people helping people mission.  We ask that you join us by volunteering to do what you can do.  You may only be one person in this world, but one persons help can mean the world to someone else.  We are presently forming teams, with each team identifying a specific month during the year that they will be committed to serve.

Our Commitment:

"A Promise To Help" is a Virtual Corporation, a group of volunteers joining forces to produce a major victory, one of substance and power.  Our commitment is to ask for volunteer help; identify the skills and synchronize the efforts of the volunteers.  Identify the needs of the people and match the skilled volunteers to the areas of need.   


Our Need:

We are in need of: service for our Medical Mobile Clinic, Medications, Medical supplies, equipment, and resources needed for the volunteers to facilitate their efforts.  Share in the vision of God's Love by helping us provide medical and spiritual care. 



Your donations would afford us the opportunity to provide COVID-19 vaccines and health education, increase awareness and subsequently utilization of local healthcare resources, and eliminate barriers related to vaccinations, and lifestyle changes.

Our Members:

Henry Ford, Executive Director 

Dr. Sandra Ford,  Medical Director

Darlene Cockrell, Executive Assistant

Dr. Juanakee Adam, Board of Director

David Bivin, Board of Director

Gloria Dawson, Board of Director

Gregory Dawson, Board of Director

Gala Fary, Board of Director

Angela James, Board of Director

Dr. Michael Johnson, Board of Director

Harvey Jones, Board of Director 

Dr. Alfreida Hogan, Board of Director

Dr. Chastity McDavid, Board of Director

Dr. Ethel Morgan-Smith, Board of Director

Heart & Hands

Black Belt Missions:​


To Serve, Educate, Empower

& Direct

Serve by volunteering our

time, knowledge & expertise

Educate by sharing the 

importance of preventative


Empower with technology

and life skills systems

Direct those in need to the

sources of HELP


We believe God has given us an embraceable plan, one void of personal agendas.  Our model is taken from Matthew 4:23 "After Jesus was baptized and had gone through his wilderness experience His "First Ministry", was in Galilee where He went about Teaching, Preaching and Healing.

Monthly,"A Promise To Help" hosts volunteers, worldwide who come to Alabama to visit the Black Belt communities in the most need. 


We have a team of volunteers:  Physicians, Nurses, Medical specialists, Pharmacists, Counselors, Social workers, Ministers, Community activists

 to address immediate needs.  Our goal is to assist in eliminating healthcare disparities in Alabama Black Belt region.

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