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Dr. Sandra Ford
Chief Medical Director
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Mr. Henry Ford
Executive Director

Power of ONE Award

June 9, 2023 


The Canvas Event Center,

301 Green Springs Ave S.

Homewood, Al 35209


Recipients of the beautiful "Power Of One" 

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Why we chose the "Blue Flame Award."


Sandra and I wanted this award to not only be a symbol of recognition for a job well done but we also wanted this award to represent those principles that we feel impacted and empowered us over these last 20+ years to help in the Black Belt. We chose the Blue Flame award because it symbolize not only the present but also the future, as we give out these awards every year we also speak into the lives of the recipients the peace, tranquility, and compassion that the blue flame represents, the staying grounded in the present moment, the protection, the energy to help us stay focus on our targets, the common sense , wisdom, harmony and truth , the Blue Flame is often seen as a symbol of emotional clarity, it represents knowledge, power and passion. The blue frame is also a reminder that we are constantly evolving and growing, our subconscious mind is always working to guide us toward our highest potential , the Blue Flame reminds us of the healing power of God and projects as a symbol of hope, rebirth and rejuvenation, a reminder that life always goes on no matter how dark. 

  "Do what you can Do"

         Henry and Sandra Ford

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